What I learned coloring eggs with my kids.

I am often amazed by my kids. They are so aware of their surroundings, and completely absorb everything they come across or are exposed to. I learned yet another life lesson while spending time with my boys last night.

My two sons and I were coloring eggs. For the first time ever, we decided to use vegetables to make natural colors for dye. I loved this project because not only was it an artistic effort, it was a science experiment of sorts as well. We had fun picking various vegetables and learning about the colors they were expected to create. My oldest commented on the heaviness of the red compared to the green cabbage, so we had a discussion about density. My son begged to try the red cabbage first because it was intended to create a blue dye and blue is his favorite color. I sliced the red cabbage in half and we all noticed it was so interesting inside. I was thinking of how cool it looked.

Apparently, so were they. They both loved the color, and my oldest son told me that the cabbage reminded him of that artist that painted stars in the sky. I wasn’t sure what he meant at first, since the cabbage didn’t look like stars. He even remembered the name of the artist, Van Gogh. I was so impressed with my sons astute observation. He was right, the lines the cross cut of the cabbage exposed looked like the painted swirls and lines in the sky of A Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh. I had to get a look at the painting so we could see them side by side. We found a picture online and we compared them to see the similarity. All of a sudden this cabbage had turned into a piece of beautiful art, where just a moment before it was only considered as a plain, yet heavy, vegetable we planned to use for our project.

My boys and I spent a few minutes talking about the beauty in nature’s work, the patterns in the red cabbage, and all of the things it was besides a plant.

And now, as I reflect, I again am truly in awe of the beauty in nature’s work. I remember how amazed I was at the moment my first child was born. I was so in awe of the effort he put in to getting into this world, just like I put in effort getting him out of my body! It was lots of work for both of us, and until that moment after his birth, I had never really thought of how much the baby is involved in the process. How smart they are built to be, and how much they know before we even see them for the first time.

As women, the power of our bodies to create and give birth is astounding. I see beauty in the fine tuned process in which mom and baby work together to welcome baby into the world. I see how something that can look one way at first glance, such as birth and labor, can look so beautiful and different as we ponder the complete process. As a parent, we continue to learn lessons and be inspired by our children from the moment we learn we are expecting. My children continue to be an inspiration and I am in absolute awe of how their minds work. I love it when little reminders of their amazingness sneak into our every day activities. Even when we color eggs.