I’m looking hard at what stuff means in my life. Yes STUFF.

Crap. Items. Belongings. Junk. Things. Clothes. Papers. Clutter….

I feel overwhelmed. Others do too. I don’t want my things to make me unhappy. If they have, then they aren’t doing their purpose. I have let them get out of control. Identifying this is just a small part of the evolution beginning in my home relating to THINGS. Things should make us happy. Make us smile. Bring us a memory. Bring us Joy.

Things should NOT feel overwhelming, daunting, in the way…


Things make up messes. And messes can be a real annoyance. Trust me, I am very aware of this. I am spending time reflecting on what this means to me.

Let’s suppose we were to change the way we think about messes, just for a bit. Let’s look at what we DO have when we have a mess…

What DO YOU have?

That pile of clothes you had to step over in the hall that isn’t yours, it means there are other people in your home. People you love, and thankfully those people have clothes you provided for them. Those clothes keep them warm and….not naked!

Those dishes on the counter that have not been washed or put away, those mean you make meals to nourish the ones you love.

That stuff that covers the surfaces of your home…toys…empty cups…a towel left on the floor…just to name a few…well it’s presence means you have others sharing your imperfect space. Others to love, care for, hug, hold, be with, laugh with, and just BE with. Together. As a family. All on this journey together.

I am thankful for the roof over my head. 

Yes, this means there are things under our roof. Stuff. And there can be too much of the wrong stuff in the wrong places at the wrong times. Yet, I sure am thankful it is there. It represents the home we have provided. It represents the laughter upstairs from kids playing. It represents time spent talking about our next big ideas and dreaming about a better future. Time we may have spent cleaning instead. Yet we didn’t. We dreamt together. We were excited. We planned. We were motivated to be better providers for our family. To leave a legacy.

You find messes started by others and then when you can’t stand it, you clean them up. Sometimes, you have cleaned up the messes so often that you are no longer willing to be patient.

So as you step over the shoes left in the doorway, or the bag your child dropped in the hall, please remember someone was so quick to drop them because we all wanted to see you after your long day at work.

Although the house may not be tidy, it is full of love. Be thankful for what you have. What you have is a HOME. With people. With happy laughter. With things.



Now, to work on getting to a point where the things we have represent the things we want to feel.