Did you hear? We have a baby boom in Lansing, Michigan!

Did you hear? Lansing, Michigan has seen a recent baby boom! 75 babies were born at Sparrow hospital over a five day period last week, and this means many families in the Lansing area are growing! Why so many babies all of a sudden? Well, these November babies are thought to have been conceived in January or February of 2015, possibly around Valentines Day or maybe even after a date night at a certain movie :-). We also had lots and lots of snow in January, and maybe being snowed in contrbibuted to more cuddles and baby making! Either way, many local families just gave birth and now have new babies at home!

With all these newborns, Lansing is now home to many new parents too! Now that baby is here, these parents and families are most likely going to need support. Who can’t use some extra help when they bring a new baby home? Sometimes family or friends can come help out, and sometimes we don’t have anyone nearby to lend a hand. Or, sometimes we just know that we want the help of someone who doesn’t have the same judgemental ways of our family 🙂

Many times, new parents want some help with learning the ropes of caring for baby. Some parents also need help with the baby so they can get some much needed time with their older children. And then there is all the stuff to get done at home, while baby and parents rest and bond. Sometimes we just can’t do it all! For these reasons, and many more, choosing to hire a postpartum doula is a great option.

Do you know what a postpartum doula is? A postpartum doula supports the family by being an extra pair of hands, a listening ear, and a knowledgable resource of all things related to the newborn period. A postpartum doula is someone you can delegate to, someone to talk to, someone to help keep your family running smoothly, and someone who can help you put your plan into action for your family.

You may know just how you want things done, but you still need help doing all the things.

Need help with breastfeeding reassurace? Your postpartum doula can do that!

Need help figuring out just how you are supposed to give your baby a bath?

Or how to change a diaper? Your postpartum doula can do that too!

Need someone to talk to about your birth, and listen to you when you feel like you haven’t talked to another adult (besides yourself!) in days? Chat up your doula!

Need help figuring out if the hours you are spending breastfeeding are normal (they likely are)? Talk to your doula!

Need help with twins or multiples? You should definitely hire a doula!

Need to know how to swaddle your baby, well your doula can help you with that too!

Many parents look forward to the time their postpartum doula is coming over, knowing they will have another pair of hands so they can get some much needed rest while someone else knowledgable and trustworthy takes care of their precious baby. Imagine having your doula arrive as you begin your nighttime routine, and you just know you WILL get some sleep tonight. Just knowing sleep is coming, you will feel amazing!

What else can your doula do? Your doula can also help with meal prep, light cleaning, dishes, laundry, and even with organizing all the new baby gear! Your doula can care for your newborn so you can get a nap or even get sleep overnight!

Lansing may have had a recent influx of newborns, but those families can be reassured knowing they can hire a postpartum doula to support their family through the newborn period and beyond. Enjoy your precious time with baby knowing you have trusted, knowledgable support planned for your family!

For more information on hiring a postpartum doula for your family, check out www.lansingdoula.com . We offer a no obligation consultation to any family interested in help with their pregnancy or newborn. Email for more information: info@lansingdoula.com.

Article written for WILX by Nicole Chadwick: