Let’s help babies in Lansing stay dry

Diapers are not cheap. And they can stink.


It can stink big time when you can’t get more and you are out.


Lansing Doula changes diapers with No Child Wet Behind

What would you do?

We’ve all been there.

Running out to the store in the middle of the night because you ran out of diapers.

Grabbing the spare diapers from the diaper bag because you used the last one from the house, and you are running late.

Forgetting to grab extras on your way out of the house, and being gone longer than you’ve expected.

All times you’ve likely needed diapers. And you ran out. But you can buy more.

Usually, we run to the store or add them to the shopping list. We call and ask our partner to pick some up on the way home. We may even borrow from a friend with kids if we are out together. We fill our need for diapers. We change the diaper and keep our babies dry.

Many families can’t do this. They can’t provide for the diapers they need to care for their baby.

1 in 3 American mothers struggle to afford diapers for their children.


When a family struggles to provide for food and basic necessities, they often struggle for diapers too. Would you ever want to choose between feeding your family or buying diapers for your baby? Or between diapers and getting gas to make it to work? It happens. Every day. In our community.

No Child should have to sit in a diaper that is wet and uncomfortable. It makes their bottom sore, makes them irritable, and can make them sick. When baby is irritable, the risk of child abuse increases. When you don’t have diapers, you can’t take your baby to daycare. When you can’t get your baby in daycare, you can’t work. And without work, the struggle continues. Providing diapers to families in crisis helps babies and helps to heal families.

We’ve decided to help.


We’ve joined with 28 other Doula businesses across the country to hold a No Child Wet Behind event in our local community. Members of ProDoula are joining this cause that was started by the owners of ProDoula in New York.  Northeast Doulas have sponsored No Child Wet Behind events for the past three years to help provide diapers for babies and families in their local community. This year, we are doing the same locally, in the Mid-Michigan area.


The No Child Wet Behind 5K will bring together runners, families, and members of our community to raise awareness and collect diapers and donations to directly benefit our local area. Diaper collections will help babies in Mid-Michigan stay dry.


We have partnered with the Mid-Michigan diaper bank as the local beneficiary of this event in our community. The Mid-Michigan diaper bank is an established diaper bank providing diapers to partner agencies that support families in crisis in Greater Lansing.

Please join us on Saturday May 21, 2016 for this event at Valhalla park in Holt, Michigan.


If you are an avid runner, you may choose to participate in the 5K. This is the perfect time to start training to run your first 5K. You may also choose to participate in the 1 Mile Family Fun Run with your kids. Bring diapers to donate and enter our raffle! This is a great community event, with music and activities for children and families. Come out and enjoy time with your family while you support a great cause!

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