I am Lindsey Thompson, the Lansing Doula.


I am a professionally trained Birth and Postpartum Doula serving families in Lansing, MI and beyond.

With a tremendous passion for serving families and for all things birth, Lindsey Thompson has been considered an amazing asset to all who engage her services. She uses the pregnancy and birth knowledge that she has been gathering for nearly 13 years to help each family connect with their own birth choices.
As a birth doula, Lindsey is confident and professional in any birth environment. Lindsey also serves families as a postpartum doula, helping them acclimate to having baby home, and getting settled with a newborn as an addition to their family. In both settings, her role is to support you in your choices, and she offers her non-judgemental support while providing caring and skilled support to any family she serves, before, during, and after birth.
Lindsey is confident in you and your ability to make the best choices for your baby and your body. She respects your choice in providers for your care, and will help to support your relationship so you feel confident with all of the people caring for you.
Lindsey decided to turn her passion into a professional career,  and completed formal training with DONA in 2014, and with ProDoula in 2015. She resides in Lansing, Michigan with her husband Perry,  their combined family of four children, and their pets.
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I will answer any questions you have about Doula care. I’m here to listen and help!