Let’s help babies in Lansing stay dry

Diapers are not cheap. And they can stink.


It can stink big time when you can’t get more and you are out.


Lansing Doula changes diapers with No Child Wet Behind

What would you do?

We’ve all been there.

Running out to the store in the middle of the night because you ran out of diapers.

Grabbing the spare diapers from the diaper bag because you used the last one from the house, and you are running late.

Forgetting to grab extras on your way out of the house, and being gone longer than you’ve expected.

All times you’ve likely needed diapers. And you ran out. But you can buy more.

Usually, we run to the store or add them to the shopping list. We call and ask our partner to pick some up on the way home. We may even borrow from a friend with kids if we are out together. We fill our need for diapers. We change the diaper and keep our babies dry.

Many families can’t do this. They can’t provide for the diapers they need to care for their baby.

1 in 3 American mothers struggle to afford diapers for their children.


When a family struggles to provide for food and basic necessities, they often struggle for diapers too. Would you ever want to choose between feeding your family or buying diapers for your baby? Or between diapers and getting gas to make it to work? It happens. Every day. In our community.

No Child should have to sit in a diaper that is wet and uncomfortable. It makes their bottom sore, makes them irritable, and can make them sick. When baby is irritable, the risk of child abuse increases. When you don’t have diapers, you can’t take your baby to daycare. When you can’t get your baby in daycare, you can’t work. And without work, the struggle continues. Providing diapers to families in crisis helps babies and helps to heal families.

We’ve decided to help.


We’ve joined with 28 other Doula businesses across the country to hold a No Child Wet Behind event in our local community. Members of ProDoula are joining this cause that was started by the owners of ProDoula in New York.  Northeast Doulas have sponsored No Child Wet Behind events for the past three years to help provide diapers for babies and families in their local community. This year, we are doing the same locally, in the Mid-Michigan area.


The No Child Wet Behind 5K will bring together runners, families, and members of our community to raise awareness and collect diapers and donations to directly benefit our local area. Diaper collections will help babies in Mid-Michigan stay dry.


We have partnered with the Mid-Michigan diaper bank as the local beneficiary of this event in our community. The Mid-Michigan diaper bank is an established diaper bank providing diapers to partner agencies that support families in crisis in Greater Lansing.

Please join us on Saturday May 21, 2016 for this event at Valhalla park in Holt, Michigan.


If you are an avid runner, you may choose to participate in the 5K. This is the perfect time to start training to run your first 5K. You may also choose to participate in the 1 Mile Family Fun Run with your kids. Bring diapers to donate and enter our raffle! This is a great community event, with music and activities for children and families. Come out and enjoy time with your family while you support a great cause!

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Did you hear? We have a baby boom in Lansing, Michigan!

Did you hear? Lansing, Michigan has seen a recent baby boom! 75 babies were born at Sparrow hospital over a five day period last week, and this means many families in the Lansing area are growing! Why so many babies all of a sudden? Well, these November babies are thought to have been conceived in January or February of 2015, possibly around Valentines Day or maybe even after a date night at a certain movie :-). We also had lots and lots of snow in January, and maybe being snowed in contrbibuted to more cuddles and baby making! Either way, many local families just gave birth and now have new babies at home!

With all these newborns, Lansing is now home to many new parents too! Now that baby is here, these parents and families are most likely going to need support. Who can’t use some extra help when they bring a new baby home? Sometimes family or friends can come help out, and sometimes we don’t have anyone nearby to lend a hand. Or, sometimes we just know that we want the help of someone who doesn’t have the same judgemental ways of our family 🙂

Many times, new parents want some help with learning the ropes of caring for baby. Some parents also need help with the baby so they can get some much needed time with their older children. And then there is all the stuff to get done at home, while baby and parents rest and bond. Sometimes we just can’t do it all! For these reasons, and many more, choosing to hire a postpartum doula is a great option.

Do you know what a postpartum doula is? A postpartum doula supports the family by being an extra pair of hands, a listening ear, and a knowledgable resource of all things related to the newborn period. A postpartum doula is someone you can delegate to, someone to talk to, someone to help keep your family running smoothly, and someone who can help you put your plan into action for your family.

You may know just how you want things done, but you still need help doing all the things.

Need help with breastfeeding reassurace? Your postpartum doula can do that!

Need help figuring out just how you are supposed to give your baby a bath?

Or how to change a diaper? Your postpartum doula can do that too!

Need someone to talk to about your birth, and listen to you when you feel like you haven’t talked to another adult (besides yourself!) in days? Chat up your doula!

Need help figuring out if the hours you are spending breastfeeding are normal (they likely are)? Talk to your doula!

Need help with twins or multiples? You should definitely hire a doula!

Need to know how to swaddle your baby, well your doula can help you with that too!

Many parents look forward to the time their postpartum doula is coming over, knowing they will have another pair of hands so they can get some much needed rest while someone else knowledgable and trustworthy takes care of their precious baby. Imagine having your doula arrive as you begin your nighttime routine, and you just know you WILL get some sleep tonight. Just knowing sleep is coming, you will feel amazing!

What else can your doula do? Your doula can also help with meal prep, light cleaning, dishes, laundry, and even with organizing all the new baby gear! Your doula can care for your newborn so you can get a nap or even get sleep overnight!

Lansing may have had a recent influx of newborns, but those families can be reassured knowing they can hire a postpartum doula to support their family through the newborn period and beyond. Enjoy your precious time with baby knowing you have trusted, knowledgable support planned for your family!

For more information on hiring a postpartum doula for your family, check out www.lansingdoula.com . We offer a no obligation consultation to any family interested in help with their pregnancy or newborn. Email for more information: info@lansingdoula.com.

Article written for WILX by Nicole Chadwick:



I’m looking hard at what stuff means in my life. Yes STUFF.

Crap. Items. Belongings. Junk. Things. Clothes. Papers. Clutter….

I feel overwhelmed. Others do too. I don’t want my things to make me unhappy. If they have, then they aren’t doing their purpose. I have let them get out of control. Identifying this is just a small part of the evolution beginning in my home relating to THINGS. Things should make us happy. Make us smile. Bring us a memory. Bring us Joy.

Things should NOT feel overwhelming, daunting, in the way…


Things make up messes. And messes can be a real annoyance. Trust me, I am very aware of this. I am spending time reflecting on what this means to me.

Let’s suppose we were to change the way we think about messes, just for a bit. Let’s look at what we DO have when we have a mess…

What DO YOU have?

That pile of clothes you had to step over in the hall that isn’t yours, it means there are other people in your home. People you love, and thankfully those people have clothes you provided for them. Those clothes keep them warm and….not naked!

Those dishes on the counter that have not been washed or put away, those mean you make meals to nourish the ones you love.

That stuff that covers the surfaces of your home…toys…empty cups…a towel left on the floor…just to name a few…well it’s presence means you have others sharing your imperfect space. Others to love, care for, hug, hold, be with, laugh with, and just BE with. Together. As a family. All on this journey together.

I am thankful for the roof over my head. 

Yes, this means there are things under our roof. Stuff. And there can be too much of the wrong stuff in the wrong places at the wrong times. Yet, I sure am thankful it is there. It represents the home we have provided. It represents the laughter upstairs from kids playing. It represents time spent talking about our next big ideas and dreaming about a better future. Time we may have spent cleaning instead. Yet we didn’t. We dreamt together. We were excited. We planned. We were motivated to be better providers for our family. To leave a legacy.

You find messes started by others and then when you can’t stand it, you clean them up. Sometimes, you have cleaned up the messes so often that you are no longer willing to be patient.

So as you step over the shoes left in the doorway, or the bag your child dropped in the hall, please remember someone was so quick to drop them because we all wanted to see you after your long day at work.

Although the house may not be tidy, it is full of love. Be thankful for what you have. What you have is a HOME. With people. With happy laughter. With things.



Now, to work on getting to a point where the things we have represent the things we want to feel.

What I learned coloring eggs with my kids.

I am often amazed by my kids. They are so aware of their surroundings, and completely absorb everything they come across or are exposed to. I learned yet another life lesson while spending time with my boys last night.

My two sons and I were coloring eggs. For the first time ever, we decided to use vegetables to make natural colors for dye. I loved this project because not only was it an artistic effort, it was a science experiment of sorts as well. We had fun picking various vegetables and learning about the colors they were expected to create. My oldest commented on the heaviness of the red compared to the green cabbage, so we had a discussion about density. My son begged to try the red cabbage first because it was intended to create a blue dye and blue is his favorite color. I sliced the red cabbage in half and we all noticed it was so interesting inside. I was thinking of how cool it looked.

Apparently, so were they. They both loved the color, and my oldest son told me that the cabbage reminded him of that artist that painted stars in the sky. I wasn’t sure what he meant at first, since the cabbage didn’t look like stars. He even remembered the name of the artist, Van Gogh. I was so impressed with my sons astute observation. He was right, the lines the cross cut of the cabbage exposed looked like the painted swirls and lines in the sky of A Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh. I had to get a look at the painting so we could see them side by side. We found a picture online and we compared them to see the similarity. All of a sudden this cabbage had turned into a piece of beautiful art, where just a moment before it was only considered as a plain, yet heavy, vegetable we planned to use for our project.

My boys and I spent a few minutes talking about the beauty in nature’s work, the patterns in the red cabbage, and all of the things it was besides a plant.

And now, as I reflect, I again am truly in awe of the beauty in nature’s work. I remember how amazed I was at the moment my first child was born. I was so in awe of the effort he put in to getting into this world, just like I put in effort getting him out of my body! It was lots of work for both of us, and until that moment after his birth, I had never really thought of how much the baby is involved in the process. How smart they are built to be, and how much they know before we even see them for the first time.

As women, the power of our bodies to create and give birth is astounding. I see beauty in the fine tuned process in which mom and baby work together to welcome baby into the world. I see how something that can look one way at first glance, such as birth and labor, can look so beautiful and different as we ponder the complete process. As a parent, we continue to learn lessons and be inspired by our children from the moment we learn we are expecting. My children continue to be an inspiration and I am in absolute awe of how their minds work. I love it when little reminders of their amazingness sneak into our every day activities. Even when we color eggs.


Quotes About Birth – World Doula Week

No matter the topic, quotes offer a way to share thoughts and relate to one another.  So many thoughtful people have said powerful things about birth.

My choices for the top 5 quotes we can use to communicate positive ideas about birth are:
Remember this, for it is as true and true gets: Your body is not a lemon. You are not a machine. The Creator is not a careless mechanic. Human female bodies have the same potential to give birth well as aardvarks, lions, rhinoceri, elephants, moose, and water buffalo. Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.Ina May Gaskin
There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.Laura Stavoe Harm
When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.Marie Mongan
There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it.  So should we.Ina May Gaskin
If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.John H. Kennell, MD